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Energy4me conducts teacher training and student STEM events across the globe

"“The energy4me workshops not only are a lot of fun for the students, but they also are incredibly educational,” said Mary Spruill, NEED executive director."
— Mary Spruill, Director NEED Project

It's a Full Day of Learning and Activity  

Studies prove that hands-on activities create connections between the classroom and real-world situations. This style of teaching also nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are traits that many employers value. The enerfy education workshp not only is a lot of fun for students, but the program also is increadibly educational.

Two Workshops

The energy4me STEM workshops conducts two simultaneous events— one for teachers with their high school students and another for teachers only, at all grade levels. Teachers and students will participate in grade- appropriate energy exploration experiments provided by the NEED Project. 

Technology Tour

Among the biggest exhibit floors in the energy industry, the OTC exhibit floor reveals all aspects of the offshore oil and gas industry. From helicopters to blow out preventers to crew quarters for offshore rigs, the exhibit floor has it all! Participants in the teacher workshop get to tour and chat with energy professionals showcasing their technologies and services