Energy Education | Oct 01, 2019

Exploring for Oil in India


Exploring for Oil in India 

Energy4me went exploring for oil (a.k.a chocolate syrup) with high school students all the way in Mumbai, India. Courtesy of our sponsors, Baker Hughes, energy4me participated in the Students STEM Day alongside the Oil & Gas India Conference and Exhibition. Discovering how humans found oil before we had all the technology to go searching beneath the surface of the earth to understanding how sound waves allow us to see what we cannot see deep underground.

Students were treated to a free copy of the SPE Natural Oil & Gas Book which highlights everything one needs to know about the history and discovery of oil to its uses in life today. Students were also taken on an exhibition tour of the event and had the opportunity to meet the various companies that operate in the region. Shoaib Aggrawal, a grade 11 students said “this was an amazing opportunity to see the inner workings of the industry and if this is where I would like to spend my career.

SPE Mumbai Section members conducting energy4me activities for local students

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