Energy4me Rocks at CONASTA 65!!

Energy4me Rocks at CONASTA 65!!

If there is one thing that does not crack under pressure, it is the fun and learning that happens at an Energy4me workshop! This July our trained facilitators hosted a workshop at the annual Conference of the Australian Science Teachers Association in Brisbane.


Energy4me hosted 27 science teachers from the Brisbane area during the conference to show them the benefits of utilizing hands-on methods of teaching to illustrate basic concepts within engineering in the oil & gas industry. Additional resources were given to teachers to take back to their classrooms to engage with their students by demonstrating basic engineering concepts using everyday household items. By participating in such experiments, student’s will begin to see that engineering is not only a discipline that is exciting but also challenges you to think outside of the box.  The message ” STEM is cool and is the doorway to making life better for all!


Simulating the effects of a natural oil seep using water to represent the effect of pressure from the ocean to stimulate oil flow.



Drilling for a core sample. The different color sands represent the different layers of the earth.



Our Energy4me facilitator demonstrating the effects of pressure in the perforated well casing experiment.