Energy Links and Resources

All Energy SourcesEnergy Education Links for KidsTexas State Energy Conservation Office

Provides links to a variety of energy education and game websites for kids.
All Energy SourcesEnergy Kids' PageUS Energy Information Administration

Helps kids explore energy using fun facts and activities, plus information on famous people in energy.
All Energy SourcesEnergy QuestCalifornia Energy Commission

Includes the energy story (all types of energy), science projects, games, a library, profiles of "super scientists," teaching materials and many other resources [Flash plug-in required].
All Energy SourcesEnergize Your FutureShell

Provides energy information for students and educators and features games, activities and a glossary of industry terms.
All Energy SourcesJust For KidsPennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Teaches kids about air, land, water and energy, with simple text, games and "print and go" activities such as coloring pages.
All Energy SourcesNational Energy Foundation
National Energy Foundation

Resources and activities for students and teachers including posters and topics such as energy conservation, energy safety, mining and minerals.
All Energy SourcesStudents' CornerFederal Energy Regulatory Commission

Explains how the commission regulates energy in the United States and includes games and quizzes on the topic.
All Energy SourcesUnderstanding EnergyTotal

Offers resources on all energy sources and provides multimedia features on offshore drilling and biodiversity in the ocean.
All Energy SourcesWhat's Your Energy IQ?API

An interactive game to test your energy knowledge.
BiofuelsFacts About Ethanol Offers facts about ethanol and how it is made
BiofuelsUS E85 Fueling StationsShows United States E85 fueling stations on a map.
BiofuelsWhat is biofuel? Offers simple descriptions of biomass, biogas, and other biofuels
CareersInside Industry UKInside Industry is a tool aimed at giving a total overview of jobs available in the energy industry and different entry routes into these jobs.
CoalAmerican Coal CouncilDefines coal and offers career information and speaker resources.
CoalCoal Association of CanadaDiscusses Canada's coal industry, coal quick facts, environmental impact and career information.
ElectricityHow Electricity is Made
Explains lightning, electricity and safety in simple language and offers links to several online games.
ElectricityNASA Sci Files
Electricity experiments and simulations.
GeothermalEnergy Kids PageIllustrates how geothermal energy works, where it is found and how it is used.
GeothermalGeothermal BasicsLearn about geothermal energy and enhanced geothermal systems. Learn about geothermal development history and look up geothermal terms in the glossary
GeothermalFacts about Geothermal EnergyPresents an Australian perspective on geothermal energy.
GeothermalGeothermal Energy FactsGeothermal Education Office

An introduction to geothermal energy including its definition, how it works, how it is used and where it is found.
GeothermalGeothermal Heat PumpsExplains how a geothermal heat pump works with links to more in-depth information.
GeothermalGeothermal Technologies ProgramDescribes the US Department of Energy (DOE) geothermal energy program. Includes facts and news.
GeothermalWhat is a Ground Source Heat Pump?International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Describes what a ground source heat pump is and how it works.
HydropowerEnergy Kids PageIllustrates how hydroelectric energy works, where it is generated and how it is used.
HydropowerHydropower BasicsLearn the basics about how hydropower works, its advantages and disadvantages, its use throughout history and resource potential.
Nuclear EnergyABC's of Nuclear ScienceNuclear Science Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

An introduction to nuclear science including experiment ideas for chemistry and physics.
Nuclear EnergyAmerican Nuclear SocietyThe public section of this website features resources for teachers, students, the media and industry professionals. Recent news events and information on how to begin a conversation on nuclear matters is also included.
Nuclear EnergyAreva Group (France)Website of the France-based world leader in nuclear power. The website offers educational material both in French and English, unless otherwise noted.
Nuclear EnergyAula Didactica - Nuclenor (Spain)Website from Nuclenor (Nucleares del Norte) a Spanish company specialized in nuclear technology and owner of the Santa Maria de Garoña nuclear power plant. The educational section of the website includes documents and interactive material that answer questions about energy, nuclear energy applications and how nuclear energy is produced. Currently available only in Spanish.
Nuclear EnergyBBC Schools (UK): Radiation and matter / Nuclear ReactionsBite Size Revision section of the BBC Schools website targeting secondary students (ages 16+).
Nuclear EnergyChart of NuclidesInteractive chart of nuclides, presented by the National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC).
Nuclear EnergyControl The Nuclear Power Plant (Sweden)Teaches visually about nuclear power plants, featuring an interactive diagram and a Java applet that allow visitors to simulate controlling the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
Nuclear EnergyEspace Jeunes - CEA (France)Website of the French government-funded technological research organization. Offers a broad spectrum of resources about radioactivity, nuclear energy and nuclear waste: online reports, multimedia/animations, pdf booklets and more. Available only in French.
Nuclear EnergyEuropean Nuclear SocietyOffers an exhaustive glossary of nuclear terms that is appropriate for all ages (also available as downloadable PDF file) and an information pool on nuclear topics exploring the energy uses of nuclear power, nuclear power plants, nuclear in the energy mix and generation IV (suitable for high school students).
Nuclear EnergyForo Nuclear (Spain)Comprehensive website by the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum, a nonprofit association of Spanish companies involved in the peaceful use of nuclear power. Provides resources including: "Most common questions about nuclear energy," "Nuclear energy in Spain and in the world," "Spanish nuclear industry," "Nuclear technology dictionary English-Spanish," photo gallery, virtual tours and more. Available in Spanish and English.
Nuclear EnergyGreatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century: Nuclear TechnologiesContains detailed historical information, timelines and personal essays by key innovators for each of 20 major engineering accomplishments of the 20th century. The section on Nuclear Technologies addresses the historical perspective and the regulatory side of the industry. Recommended for high school students.
Nuclear EnergyINSC: Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors
Argonne's International Nuclear Safety Center (INSC) website features maps of power reactor locations worldwide. Includes information on power reactors only. Experimental reactors and other nuclear facilities are not included. Recommended to high school students and teachers.
Nuclear (Germany)
German information portal for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. A group of resources is also available in English. Includes nuclear energy resources covering nuclear energy basics such as history, safety, nuclear power plants in Germany and in the world, fuel cycle and a glossary.
Nuclear EnergyNational Nuclear Data CenterThe National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) of Brookhaven National Laboratory collects, evaluates and disseminates nuclear physics data for basic nuclear research and for applied nuclear technologies. Its interactive Chart of Nuclides is an excellent resource tool for high school teachers and students.
Nuclear EnergyNuclear Energy Institute - Science Club Website maintained by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). The site features resources for students and teachers, including animations that explain the fundamental principles of nuclear energy.
Nuclear EnergyNuclear Regulatory Commission: Students' CornerUS Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Topics discussed include: "What is nuclear energy?", nuclear reactors, radiation, security, radioactive waste and more. Resources for teachers are also available.
Nuclear (European Commission)A nuclear science website developed at the Institute for Transuranium Elements (European Commission) for students and professionals. Provides web-based applications—dosimetry and shielding, etc. Offers free educational resources suitable for high school students.
Nuclear (Australia)Information about nuclear power by a group of physicists from the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne in Australia. The information level is appropriate for high school students.
Nuclear EnergyParticle AdventureAn interactive tour of quarks, neurotinos, antimatter, extra dimensions, dark matter, accelerators and particle detectors. Site is available in several languages and is presented by the Particle Data Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
Nuclear EnergyRSC Electronic Databook (UK)Website aimed at secondary science students ages 11-16 and post-16 chemistry students and teachers. Databases that can be searched for a wide range of properties of elements and compounds, The site also includes important tools for physics such as emission line spectra and radioactive decay series.
Nuclear (UK)This is a website for both students and teachers of physics, whether studied as a single subject or as part of a combined science course.
Nuclear EnergySellafield Ltd. : Succeeding with Science (UK)This website is part of the Succeeding With Science education program supported by Sellafield Ltd. (on behalf of the British Nuclear Decommissioning Authority). This site is primarily for teachers ("produced for teachers by teachers").
Nuclear EnergySFEN (France)Available only in French.
Nuclear EnergyVirtual Nuclear TouristVirtual tours of nuclear power plants around the world.
Nuclear EnergyWorld Nuclear AssociationProvides information on the environmental and human case for nuclear power and how it works. Also features an in-depth discussion on nuclear technology and the industry.
Oil and GasAdventures in EnergyProvides a talking, animated explanation of the oil and gas industry, with information about all the things made from oil and gas [Flash plug-in required].
Oil and GasEIA Report on DemandProvides text description and statistics on global oil consumption and US oil consumption by product and region.
Oil and GasFor Kids: HomeroomOklahoma Energy Resources Board

Contests, games and science fair projects, in addition to well safety.
Oil and GasGlossary of Terms
Society of Petroleum Engineers

Confused by oil and gas terminology? Find definitions and links to other glossaries that can enhance your understanding.
Oil and GasHow Oil Drilling WorksDescribes drilling in nontechnical terminology and includes graphics to explain processes and industry terms.
Oil and GasIndustry StatisticsHere's where to look for different types of oil and gas industry statistics.
Oil and GasLearning About Fossil FuelsProvides good explanations of coal, oil and gas (the history, how they are produced, usage, etc.) and includes a section called "Looking Down an Oil Well."
Oil and GasOil Market BasicsExplains all segments of oil markets, from drilling and production to transportation, refining and stocks, plus discusses prices with links to illustrations, charts and graphs.
Oil and GasWhat's The Story on Oil Spills?
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Explains oil spills and cleanup in terms children can relate to and understand.
Oil and GasUnit Conversion FactorsSociety of Petroleum Engineers

Need to compare numbers in different units or convert a statistic to a familiar unit? This section can help.
Solar EnergyAmerican Solar Energy SocietyOffers general information on solar energy using text and resources for educators.
Solar EnergyInternational Solar Energy SocietyDescribes information on scientific and technical projects for solar energy held by this society.
Solar EnergySolar Energy Calculator
Determine the yearly savings you will earn when installing a PV solar system for your home with this estimate calculator.
Solar EnergySolar Energy
Provides links to energy websites for kids.
WindAlternative Energy InstituteWest Texas A&M University's institute website offers data about wind energy and research. Appropriate for high school students.
WindAmerican Wind Energy AssociationInformation on the national trade association for the wind energy industry.
WindEnergy Kids PageInformation on the history of wind power and how it is harnessed.
WindEuropean Wind Energy AssociationDiscusses the importance of wind energy as an alternative resource in today's world.
Carbon CaptureCarbon Capture and StorageWikipedia

General information on the carbon capture process with links for more detailed information.
Carbon CaptureCO2 Capture ProjectIncludes information on project activities, an introduction to CO2 capture technology, an extensive publications database, and a media and resources page including links to FAQs, non-technical reports, an image library and a glossary of CO2 capture terms.
Carbon CaptureProposed CCS Storage LocationsScottish Centre for Carbon Storage

An interactive map showing commercially significant CCS sites (planned or operational) around the globe.
Carbon CaptureWhat is Carbon Capture and Storage?UK ERC

An introduction to carbon capture and storage from the UK perspective.
Climate ChangeGreenhouse Gas EmissionsUS Environmental Protection Agency

Explains the four principle greenhouse gases that enter the atmosphere because of human activity, as well as greenhouse gas inventories, emission trends, and projections
Climate ChangeClimate ChangeAPI

Discusses how the oil and gas industry have responded to concerns about greenhouse gases and provides specific details on what individual oil and gas companies are doing to combat the greenhouse effect
Climate ChangeThe GHG Protocol Initiative World Resources Institute

Provides information to help businesses manage their greenhouse gas emissions
Climate ChangeIEA Greenhouse Gas R&D ProgrammeInternational Energy Agency

Gives information from an international research collaboration that assesses technologies capable of achieving significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
Climate ChangeSuppliers Who Reduce EmissionsGreetie

Provides an international directory of suppliers compiled 1995 to 2005, whose technologies and services help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Climate ChangeClimate Change, Energy Efficiency and RenewablesChevron

Summarizes Chevron's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency
Energy EfficiencyAcademy of Energy EducationNational Energy Foundation

Focuses on energy efficiency and uses games, puzzles and contests to engage students, plus teaching resources.
Energy EfficiencyEnergy

Offers an entertaining and interactive way for children ages 8-14 to learn about energy efficiency.
Energy HistoryEngineering Technology and History Wiki (ETHW)The Engineering Technology and History Wiki (ETHW) is a website which presents the history of the engineering profession, including the history of Petroleum Engineering, Mining Engineering, and Women in Engineering, among others. Learn how the engineering profession has evolved over the years and how engineers have improved the daily lives of people throughout history.
Energy SustainabilityEnergy and the Environment
US Environmental Protection Agency

Details what the EPA is doing to promote efficient and sustainable energy use
Energy SustainabilityEnergy for SustainabilityNational Science Foundation

Discusses programs in support of fundamental research and education in energy production, conversion, and storage, focusing on energy sources that are environmentally friendly and renewable
Energy SustainabilityEnergy Sustainability and SecurityInterAcademy Council

Presents key problems and challenges of energy sustainability and security, as well as ideas for solutions
Energy SustainabilityEnergy SustainabilityWorld Energy Council

Discusses the basic economic, technological and environmental awareness resources needed to respond to the challenges of energy sustainability
Energy SustainabilitySustainabilityNew South Wales Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability

Offers information on policies, reforms, and programs that ensure energy and urban water is sustainable, competitive, efficient, affordable, safe and reliable
Energy SustainabilitySustainable Development ReportConocoPhillips

Details ConocoPhillips' environmental and social performance including health and safety, economic contributions, technology use, and accountability for energy sustainability
General ScienceEnergized LearningUS Department of Energy Laboratories

Provides lessons and activities focused on specific skills and concepts students are expected to learn in science, mathematics, economics, social sciences and political science classes.
General ScienceMinerals and Their UsesMineral Information Institute

Photos with summary of information on all minerals.
General ScienceNewton's AppleTwin Cities Public Television

Offers video clips and text on a variety of science topics geared towards kids, plus ideas for activities, science projects and teaching resources.
General (UK)Mark Winter, The University of Sheffield and WebElements Ltd., UK

Features an interactive periodic table with extensive information about elements and compounds, history and uses, data on simple compounds, electronic properties, physical properties, crystallography and nuclear properties.
Science Fair ProjectsDr. Shawn's Super Science Fair Resource
Bright Science

Dr. Shawn's "cheap and easy" science experiments, science tips on every page and championship science projects.
Science Fair ProjectsScience BuddiesKenneth Lafferty Hess Family Charitable Foundation

Resource for science fair project ideas, guidelines and tools, with links to competitions and teachers' resources.
Science Fair ProjectsScience Fair

Provides links to general science fair sites and resource guides by subject and grade level.
Science Fair ProjectsScience Fair CentralDiscovery Education

Offers lesson plans, teaching guide for setting up a science fair and teaching tools, as well as just-for-fun experiments, tip sheets for each scientific category and study starters.
Science Fair ProjectsScience Fair

Search to find a wide range of science projects for all grade levels.
Science Fair ProjectsScience Fair Project Resource GuideKidspace @ The Internet Public Library

Provides a step-by-step online resource guide to choosing, completing and displaying a science project.
Science Fair ProjectsScience FairsEastern Newfoundland Science Fairs Council

Ideas are categorized by grade level, with links to science fairs throughout Canada.
Science Fair ProjectsScienceProject.comScience Project Corporation

Find science projects by grade level or subject; more than 500 projects are available with membership.
Science Fair ProjectsThe Original Science Fair BlueprintsTerimore Institute

Step-by-step guidelines for completing a science fair project.
Science Fair ProjectsYou and Your Science Fair Project: For Teachers, Students, and ParentsInformED

Timeline of getting started, presentation tips, and parents' roles in projects
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MuseumsCanada Science and Technology MuseumOttawa, Ontario, Canada
MuseumsDeutsches MuseumMunich, Germany
MuseumsIndonesian Oil and Gas MuseumJakarta, Indonesia
MuseumsLe Musee Francais du PetrolePechelbronn, Alsace, France
MuseumsLeduc #1 Energy Discovery CentreDevon, Alberta, Canada
MuseumsMuseo Nacional del PetroleoComodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia Argentina
MuseumsNational Gas MuseumLeicester, England
MuseumsNorwegian Petroleum MuseumStavanger, Norway
MuseumsPetrosains Discovery CentreKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
MuseumsSatrosphere Science CentreAberdeen, UK
MuseumsTelus SparkCalgary, Alberta, Canada
MuseumsArkansas Museum of Natural ResourcesSmackover, AR
MuseumsCalifornia Oil MuseumSanta Paula, CA
MuseumsChicago Museum of Science and IndustryChicago, IL
MuseumsDrake Well MuseumTitusville, PA
MuseumsEast Texas Oil MuseumKilgore, TX
MuseumsHealdton Oil Museum
Healdton, OK
MuseumsHouston Museum of Natural ScienceHouston, TX
MuseumsInternational Petroleum Museum and ExpositionMorgan City, LA
MuseumsIllinois Oil Field Museum and Resource CenterOblong, IL
MuseumsKansas Oil MuseumEl Dorado, KS
MuseumsKern County Museum
Bakersfield, CA
MuseumsOcean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and MuseumGalveston, TX
MuseumsOil and Gas MuseumParkersburg, WV
MuseumsOil Patch MuseumRussell, KS
MuseumsPanhandle-Plains Historical Museum-Petroleum
Canyon, TX
MuseumsPermian Basin Petroleum MuseumMidland, TX
MuseumsPerot Museum of Nature and ScienceDallas, TX
MuseumsSpindletop-Gladys City Boomtown MuseumBeaumont, TX
MuseumsTexas Energy MuseumBeaumont, TX
MuseumsWest Kern Oil MuseumTaft, CA